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Have you ever been in a circle of women and feel out of place, but want to be included? You are nervous to ask another mom, woman or mentor into your space and ask the hard questions, ask for prayer, and just want to sit, listen, learn and share?

This space is for you. Bring a friend. Hey, bring all your friends!

I’ve been writing online since 2008. I now have ten children, twelve grandchildren and have been married to my husband, aka “the builder,” for 34 years.  

In this space, you will find homeschooling life, discipleship, mentorship, family stories and ideas and most of all, a journey that includes you and your story.

I am passionate about our stories and how they weave together to become HIS story. I am a daughter of the King and every word here will point back to Him.

I am so glad you’re here! 

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Are you looking for homeschooling help, motherhood mentoring or focus to live out your calling in and out of your home well?

My passion and superpower is teaching and helping others start and finish well.

Let’s connect!

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{Why} Motherhood Matters

An invitation to purposeful parenting.

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September & Co.

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Mom to Mom Podcast

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The Long Road Home

t’s been a long time friends. I let this space sit in quiet shadows for many reasons, while so many words were being written and tucked away for a new day. It is time to make this space home again. I’m a neighborhood, small town girl-transplanted into the middle of the woods in the country. And for years, everything in my spirit craved the opposite and tried flourishing here. I am from a loving, yet highly dysfunctional family-yet, became a…

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